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Here is the rundown of reasonable tips for an eCommerce startups

Now day’s e-commerce companies are taking over the offline store and these e-commerce startups have lots of new way of promotion, but when you found any funds crunch and every resource counts then better be careful about the entire step you take. Well, those days are myth where keywords stuffing could get you millions of visitors a month.
Well, planning your online business is essential. Giving your company a personality and contacting with your customers is also an important thing. So, let me recommend you an eCommerce website development company in Delhi NCR that would help you to create a catchy and resourceful website for your business.
Now when your website is ready, the second most important aspect in booming up your eCommerce company in Noida is Digital Marketing.

So here are some affordable Digital Marketing Tips for an E-commerce Startup:

  • Stop spending money on increasing likes on Facebook Pages: Yes, you will find most of your customers Facebook, but now there is no point of spending money on Facebook likes. Organic reach is always low. To be simple and precise, less likes and more hit on the website will give you more conversation, concentrate on the end.
  • Don’t use the boost post feature on your Facebook page: The next thing that one should do is to click the boost post because Facebook believes that it helps you reach more and more people. It happens but it is incorrect. The best way to boost up your post is by going in your ad manager and targeting as badly as you can. Do choose interests, demographics, and behavior considering your target audience.
  • Don’t only use Twitter for promotion but use it to hunt for customers: Well, there is a tool on Twitter that most of the people are not aware of. Use this tip to explore customers looking for your products that you sell, and then tweet then in a personalized manner. Most of the companies are doing this, so you should definitely give a try.
  • Instagram should be on the top of your list: There is an old saying that pictures speak a thousand words and Instagram can get your orders too. Just upload everything one by one, such as your products, customers, related pictures, banners. Include all the hashtags that relate your product. Do mention your web address and your phone number is needed. Later people will start exploring your products and soon sales will happen.
  • Explain about your startup and share your experience: Well, this is nice but now the best way of making your startup reaches your customers. Tell them about how other eCommerce companies in India were not able to communicate well with their audiences and later lost the battle. Stories about your startup, online journals where you share your experience, posts on LinkedIn, discussing your business can gain you organizations, admirers, and clients.


I believe Digital marketing tips will definitely return your investments. This will even help in market and promote your startup better. So if you wish to see yourself on top then stop thinking much and hire an Best eCommerce website development company in Gurgaon for your eCommerce company located in Odisha. Words that should describe your e-commerce startup’s inaugural digital marketing efforts are smart, data-driven, aggressive, deliberate and streamlined. You only get few chances to create your impression with customers and your marketing need to speak your brand. Well, I hope this article might have generated ideas in your mind.

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We offer custom website design and development solutions for ecommerce websites. Just detail your requirements and we will integrate the same to your ecommerce website. All in all, our endeavor is to deliver solutions exacting your needs.

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Your ecommerce website needs a payment gateway to let your customers pay safely for the purchased goods. We ease the process for you and for your clients’ as well with ecommerce payment gateway integration.

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While designing your ecommerce website, we make sure it looks perfect in all devices. We design responsive websites that appear on top of search engine ranking pages and enables you to generate good sales.

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